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    Mary McIntyre

    Hi everyone,

    On Saturday 8th October the IoP have organised another Space Week event which is taking place in a shopping centre in Guilford town centre. Last year I ran the astronomy sketching workshop for them and they’d like me to do it again, but unfortunately I can’t do it this year because I’m at a wedding.

    Does anybody here with some sketching experience want to run the workshop instead of me? I have the full sketching workshop kit here with black paper, pastels, blending tools and large print photos for people to use as a reference, so I can pass that on for you to use. It’s marketed as a children’s activity so with a couple of quick pointers they usually just sit down and get on with it, so you don’t need to be an expert sketcher to do this. They can take their sketch home with them but I try to get a photo of each sketch on my phone so that I can make a collage of all of their work afterwards. The IoP will pay for your time and travelling expenses.

    I hope somebody out there can help but please message me if you want more information.


    Mary McIntyre

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