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    Robin Leadbeater

    I tried to cover the  eclipse of the triple system b Per (AAVSO alert 761 – Component C eclipsing the close AB pair ) but bad weather meant only a couple of low SNR results during the actual eclipse period. The apparent precision of the out of eclipse radial velocities is pleasing though and the couple of measurements managed during the eclipse period are tantalisingly high (Change in the component blend in the spectrum or Rossiter-McLaughlin effect perhaps ?

    (LHIRES R~8000 4430-4580A 10 min exposures, calibration lamp spectra before and after each exposure)

    RV measured using cross correlation. RV standard HD 10780 for comparison

    Maxim Usatov


    Kevin Gurney

    I haven’t been around teh forum for while so just seen Robin’s post…

    I also took some hi res spectra of b Per but, similarly, missed the eclipse as such. Mine are shown as a phase plot and include some ‘historical’ data from 2018, through 2020 (but inlude Decmber last year and Jan this year). I used longer exposures (1 hr) and used the Ha line and water absorption features to determine the shifts. As mine are over an extended period I also subtracted any long period orbital velocity with the wide companion.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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