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    Posted by Sheridan Williams at 15:22 on 2010 Oct 22

    If anyone has a copy of the BAA publication: "The First 50 Years" that they do not want returned I’d be really grateful to receive it. It will be scanned for reprinting, and in return I will provide a PDF of the booklet together with a CD containing all the BAA Journals scanned to date (>760 issues).I am the Director of the Computing Section. Please contact me


    Posted by Denis Buczynski at 19:47 on 2010 Nov 08

    Hi Sheridan,I have a copy of THE FIRST 50 YEARS.If no one else has offered you a copy then I will have to do my duty and do so. I assume you will want to "destroy" it to scan it successfully. I would like the separate sheets returned so that I can keep it together as best I can. How are you progressing with the scanning from the old JBAA’S I sent you? Are you any where near finished? I would like to receive the CD of the scans and the finished PDF of the booklet. Let me know if you want me to post the booklet down to you.Best wishesDenis


    Posted by Sheridan Williams at 12:58 on 2011 Jan 14

    Thanks for the interest. I now have a copy which has been scanned and is now ready for printing. Just need to decide a price and how many to print.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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