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    Posted by TonyAngel at 19:54 on 2013 Nov 05

    I have been imaging these four comets for the past few weeks – I have some of my images on a Blog I have just created as well as on a number of facebook comet groupshttp://sonatosc.blogspot.com.es/ISON is not doing much, Lovejoy is coming on nicely, Linear was a nice surprise and Encke has a lovely ion tail :)Tony.


    Posted by TonyAngel at 20:19 on 2013 Nov 05

    Spoke too soon about ISON! CBET involving the TRAPPIST team shows the gas production rates of comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) are increasing rapidly, up by a factor of two in 4 days.. mostly in the last 48 hours. They state "It looks like the outgassing of water was delayed in some way and now some deeper layer of ices may have been reached (this is theory). They currently do not think the comet is disrupting though. There are also now two new jets in CN and C2 bands.


    Posted by Comet Section at 01:37 on 2013 Nov 06

    Hi Tony, I enjoyed looking at your comet images on your blog. I am wondering why you don’t submit them to me for the BAA COMET GALLERY archive.It would seem sense to have the images stored within the archive so that they can be referred to in future JBAA Comet Section reports.Denis BuczynskiSecretary Comet Section


    Posted by TonyAngel at 06:10 on 2013 Nov 06

    Hi Dennis,Thank you for your kind comments.There is quite a simple answer to why I have not submitted them. 🙂 I have looked in the past at the Gallery and I have never been able to work out how to do upload. From what you have said above, all I need to do is email you with the relevant information along with the images with the file name in the correct format. Is that correct? Do you prefer one image per email and what email address should I use?Tony.


    Posted by Comet Section at 18:44 on 2013 Nov 06

    Hello Tony, It is good to hear that you will post your comet images to me for archiving in the COMET SECTION. All you need to do is to email me the images as jpeg attachments to the email and I will load them onto the Comet Gallery. You can email them directly to me atbuczynski8166@btinternet.com or email them to cometobs@britastro.org Send as many images as you want in one email as separate files. It is important to save the image using our archiving file naming convention such as 2013r1_20131106_0330_dgbthis runs like this object designation underscore date underscore time underscore observer name Also it is good practise to annotate the observational data onto the image itself as this ensures that the detail will always remain with the image. Any other information that is addional to the raw observational details can be written as a note in the email. I will then add this to the archive file on the BAA COMET GALLERY. Have a look at my latest image of 2013r1 taken this morning to at the link below.Denis Buczynskihttp://britastro.org/baa/index.php?view=detail&id=1839&option=com_joomgallery&Itemid=200


    Posted by TonyAngel at 21:48 on 2013 Nov 07

    Dennis,Thank you for your detailed response. I will start this weekend.Best Wishes,Tony.

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