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    Alex Pratt

    Melvyn Taylor’s family are offering the following items:-

    BAA Journals 1970-2017 complete (?)

    BAA Handbooks 1970-2017, except 1990-1996

    I can bring a few issues to BAA meetings, if required.


    Ian Kahler

    Hey Alex, that is  something I would  be  really interested  in!!

    If  you would  like  to contact me by email or  send  me a  PM we  could  discuss  this  further!

    I live  in the  United  States so we  would  need  to discuss shipping cost.

    Alex Pratt

    Hi Ian,

    Many thanks for expressing an interest in these items. My message was posted last year and I should have updated it because all the Journals and Handbooks have now found good homes, such as with the BAA Archivists.

    I noted in the For Sale column in the 2018 February Journal there is a set of Handbooks on offer.

    Alternatively, as a BAA member you can download PDF versions of the Handbooks and Journals via the Publications – Downloads tabs on the BAA website. Another option would be to purchase the BAA Journal Archive on DVD from the BAA Shop.

    Clear skies,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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