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    Posted by Paul A Brierley at 18:06 on 2011 Mar 26

    Is the offer still on, of a 1yr discount on your membership. If you can persuade a friend to sign UP?


    Posted by Callum Potter at 12:01 on 2011 Mar 27

    Hi Paul,I don’t believe there is an end-date, though maybe it is just for this session.There is a 10% discount per new recruit on your next years membership, up to a max of 50% discount (ie. 5 new members). They have to be new members, not returning lapsed members.Cheers, Callum


    Posted by Paul A Brierley at 19:02 on 2011 Mar 27

    Thanks Callum.I’m working on a very good observing colleague, who also happens to be a very enthusiastic CCD imager at the moment.I am meeting up with him this week. And I will take with me, a copy of the February journal, for him to borrow and read.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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