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    David Boyd

    This note supplements the information about the initiative given in the April BAA Journal. In particular it gives details of the discounts available on CCD cameras to successful participants in the scheme.

    In addition to acquiring the spectrograph, participants will need two CCD cameras, one for recording spectra and one for acquiring guiding images.  You may already have suitable cameras but if not the two ranges most frequently used with this spectrograph are those from Starlight Xpress and Atik. As part of this initiative we have also negotiated discounts for CCD cameras from both these manufacturers. Please note that these discounts will only be available to those participating in the Alpy purchase scheme with the aid of a Ridley Grant. We will supply the manufacturers with a list of successful Ridley Grant applicants and only those people will quality for the following discounts.

    Starlight Xpress have offered the following discounted prices on their TRIUS cameras either with or without a Lodestar X2 guide camera. All prices include VAT at 20% and orders must be placed directly with Starlight Xpress.

    1 x TRIUS SX-825 = £1126.96

    1 x TRIUS SX-674 = £1502.61

    1 x TRIUS SX-694 = £1865.22

    1 x TRIUS SX-825 + Lodestar X2 = £1518.26

    1 x TRIUS SX-674 + Lodestar X2 = £1893.91

    1 x TRIUS SX-694 + Lodestar X2 = £2256.52

    Shelyak are offering the following discounted prices on Atik cameras, all including VAT. These discounted prices are only available through Shelyak who will supply the cameras along with the spectrograph.

    Guiding cameras              Atik Titan: 578 euros

                                                Atik 314L+: 1219 euros

    Spectrum cameras          Atik 414ex: 1286 euros

                                                Atik 460ex: 2119 euros

    Both the Atik Titan and 314L+ cameras have a ST4 compatible guiding port.

    I should stress that cameras from either supplier will work well with the Alpy. Depending on which cameras you decide to use, you will need appropriate adapters to connect these to the Alpy. Shelyak will advise you and can supply these.

    David Boyd

    Steve Cuthbert

    Hi David

    Just received the latest Journal and read the spectro article with more than a little interest as I already purchased my Alpy plus guide module a year ago and already had an Atik 314 plus Lodestar, guess the grant is not retrospective ;-))). Seriously though its good that the various companies are prepared to help amateurs to get a step on the spectro ladder. I’ll follow this with interest and hope to contribute spectra as and when we have a system in place.



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