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    Bill Ward


    I’m sure there was a thread that covered this but I can’t remember the title of it….

    Anyway, a while back I noted that I had caught a few meteors with very particular characteristics. Michael also caught one and I have now captured yet another.  The primary characteristics are a very strong sodium line and slow velocity (no O or N atmospheric lines in the red/near IR)

    Definitely a specific class of meteoroid. This is a fairly raw spectrum. The meteor occurred early in the evening during nautical twilight and combined with the moon just outside of the FOV it was a decidedly non uniform background!

    However the main features are clear. 

    This is one that would be nice to get an orbit for.

    I’ve deliberately left the long featureless red “tail” to illustrate the lack of features. Compare this to just about any other and you’ll see the usual atmospheric lines are missing.

    Mmmm, an intriguing…..



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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