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    Michael E. Marotta

    Hello, colleagues.

     The History of Astronomy Division of the American Astronomical Society is looking for entries for our calendar for 2021-2022. The column is open to amateurs and professionals at all levels. You do not need to be an AAS member.

     Right now, we are looking to fill April and May 2021 and are open to consider October and November 2021, which we have now as place-holders. We are wide open for 2022. 

     “This Month in the History of Astronomy” runs about 500 words and celebrates physical events, discoveries, inventions, and the birthdays of those who are associated with them. The range of topics can be broad, but subjects are always tied to the month of the publication date. 

     A Sampling of Recent Entries

    ·       February 2021: Founding of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific 

    ·       October 2020: The First Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram

    ·       September 2020: Bayer’s Uranometria

    ·       August 2020: America’s First Woman Astronomer: Maria Mitchell (1818-1889)

    ·       January 2020: The Birth of Stellafane

    ·       October 2019: 50 Years of Charge-Coupled Devices

    ·       August 2019: Reflections on 100 Years of the International Astronomical Union

    ·       October 2018:  Karl Jansky and the Discovery of Cosmic Radio Waves

    ·       July 2018:  Henrietta Swan Leavitt

    ·       June 2018:  The Bicentenary of the Birth of Angelo Secchi, SJ

    ·       February 2018:  One of America’s Early African American Astronomers

    ·       January 2018:  The Discovery of Ceres

    ·       July 2017:  Solar Eclipse of 1878

    ·       May 2017:  Women Computers at Dudley Observatory

    ·       August 2016: The Moons of Mars

    ·       July 2016: Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9

    The entire index is here:

     The column is open to amateurs and professionals at all levels. Submissions are reviewed by the editorial staff of the Historical Astronomy Division of the American Astronomical Society. Guidelines for contributors are here:


    About HAD 

    “The Division shall exist for the purpose of advancing interest in topics relating to the historical nature of astronomy. By historical astronomy we include the history of astronomy; what has come to be known as archaeoastronomy; and the application of historical records to modern astrophysical problems. … The Division will assist the Society in the commemoration of important historical anniversaries and in the archival preservation of current materials of importance to future historians of astronomy.”

    Best Regards,

    Mike M.

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