Can anyone identify this veteran car?

Forums History Can anyone identify this veteran car?

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    Posted by Jeremy at 20:13 on 2012 Jul 19

    I wonder if anyone can identify the model and date of the car in the attached photo. It was taken at the Helwan Observatory, near Cairo, sometime between 1907 and 1924. Go well!Jeremy ShearsCheshire, UK


    Posted by Paul A Brierley at 06:46 on 2012 Jul 20

    Sorry Jeremy, I’ve had a look and drawn a blank.If you go to, The Automobile website at then scroll down, to finds and discoveries. And e-mail Michael Worthington Williams, with the picture attached. He will identify this make, and possibly the model for you.Where did you find it?


    Posted by Jeremy at 11:28 on 2012 Jul 20

    Thanks Paul. I will try that.The man is Harold Knox-Shaw (1885-1970) who worked at the Khedivial Observatory, Cairo, between 1907 and 1924 and who I am researching. I obtained the photo via his son (it’s actaully part of a streo photograph)Go well!Jeremy


    Posted by Jeremy at 13:00 on 2012 Jul 21

    OK, mystery solved, thanks to Paul’s contact Mike Worthington Williams, who says:"It’s definitely a Buick. Buick adopted drum type headlamps (which these are) in l922 but the car cannot be later than l923 which was the last year in which this shape of radiator was used (1924 had a curved "upper lip")"This is consistent with another photograph in the collection of Knox-Shaw images from Helwan of a Burndept Ultra IV receiver that was sold in 1922/3. K-S left Helwan in 1924Go well!Jeremy

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