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    Posted by Nick Atkinson at 11:43 on 2011 May 14

    I now have a SXVF-H9 camera and when saving in FITS files the images are only circa 300KB whereas if I save them in TIS files they are are over one megabyte. As I hope to do some variable star estimates I would welcome some advice.Astroart, CCD soft and Maxim DL (the latter has some pointing functionality)are all alternatives to StarlightXpress. Do any members have experiance of any of these and which do you recomend?


    Posted by R S Winter at 13:40 on 2011 May 14

    Hi NickI don’t think the Starlight software is much good, although the cameras are OK. Any of the three you mention should be OK, I use Maxim which I really like.RegardsBob Winter.


    Posted by Jeremy at 21:35 on 2011 May 14

    Hello Nick,I have the same CCD camera. I control the camera and capture images using AstroArt. I use the same package for image calibration (flat-fielding and subtracting darks) and I process in Photoshop. For variable star photometry I use AIP4WIN – the BAA VSS has a spreadsheet for handling the AIP4WIN output files, making it easy to extract the magnitude in a format that can be uploaded to the VSS and AAVSO databases.I haven’t used the other two packages to which you refer, although I understand Maxim DL is excellent.Go well!Jeremy


    Posted by Peter Taylor at 15:08 on 2011 Jun 07

    Hi Nick,I have sx h9c and do all my imaging, calibration, stacking, colouring, and grading with maxim, process in photoshop and pixinsight, maxim is really good for camera control, just joined section may seam silly question but how do I submit images to deep sky section.peter


    Posted by David Arditti at 01:03 on 2011 Jun 08

    How do I submit images to deep sky section.

    E-mail them to Stewart Moore, the Director, on


    Posted by Peter Taylor at 16:35 on 2011 Jun 08

    Thank you David will do that.peter


    Posted by Grant Privett at 22:31 on 2012 Jul 05

    As the FITS images are 300kB is there any chance you are taking images in 2×2 binned mode rather than at the full resolution? The image dimensions should be the give away.I wrote my own code for my Starlight CCD but otherwise use AstroArt 5 which seems to do the job reasonably adequately and is pretty good value these days.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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