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    Gus Kenyon

    Hello, I’m currently doing some volunteer research work on behalf of Penmaenmawr Museum in North Wales. Specifically I’m researching the lives of people from the Penmaenmawr area who were involved in the sciences, and one of the names that has come up is Eddie Watson Jones, who was Assistant Secretary of the BAA from 1982 to about 1987. Literally all I have on him is his obituary from 2001 (copy attached for reference), which is fairly detailed in terms of his memberships and personality. He seems to have been very involved in the teaching of astronomy and its promotion at the society level. But the obituary tells me little about his interests and activities as an astronomer. I’m wondering if any members are prepared to share any memories, stories, information, or really anything about Eddie that might be of interest beyond what is mentioned in the obituary? I’ve scoured the internet but haven’t really come up with anything of substance!

    With thanks, Gus

    Alan Dowdell

    I knew Eddie while he worked in the BAA office. He was always very business  like in his dealings with me but  me but always helpful. There was a book published with photos representing  times of the day and there was a full size picture  of Eddie in his business  suit brief case and umbrella  walking through  the arch into Burrington House representing 9am. He had no knowledge of this until someone showed him the book.Saddly I can’t recall the title. 

    Daryl Dobbs

    I think it was in the book The BAA the second fifty years, however since I wrote this I just looked and the picture isn’t in there, I wonder if a third fifty years will ever be written?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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