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    Mark Phillips

    What a great time on Saturday at Greenock. Huge thanks to Inverclyde Skywatchers Astronomy Group for organising it – and especially to Marion NcNeil for doing an amazing job. Excellent location, speakers, crowd and event overall. And of course the aurora was clearly arranged to coincide. Weather was rather decent too.
    Good job BAA and Inverclyde!

    Nick James

    It was indeed. The Beacon was a brilliant venue thanks to Marion and Inverclyde, Involving the choir in a music-themed meeting was inspired, great speakers, lovely weather and a spectacular aurora on the Friday night.

    The other highlight for me was seeing PS Waverley steaming off up the Clyde from her berth at Greenock with a loud burst on the horn during Alec Mackinnon’s talk. The attached pic shows the view we had out the windows from the lecture room. I’m a sucker for anything steam powered and she must be one of the most beautiful ships around.

    Bill Ward

    Glad it went well, I had hoped to make it up but spent the day in bed recovering from the night before LOL, after a quick look through the images and videos as well as monitoring the radio I didn’t get to bed until about 9am!
    The aurora was going all sky full tilt as the dawn encroached. Then there was the radio activity.
    The aurora was reflecting signals from 28MHz all the way through to 432MHz, quite astonishing!


    Alex Pratt

    Hi all,

    I fully agree that it was a most enjoyable and informative meeting which continued the high standard set at the Greenock BAA Workshop on 2019 October 12


    Because of my tickly cough I sat at the back where I could get a frequent drink of iced water. My location was advantageous, because when PS Waverley sounded her horn – quite apt for the day’s theme of ‘The Music of Space’ – like Nick I was able to rush to the window and record her departure


    (Apologies to Dr Mackinnon whose talk was temporarily upstaged by a Paddle Steamer)


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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