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    Posted by Callum Potter at 10:55 on 2012 Nov 20

    I have just posted a note about this on the BAA ‘other meetings’ calendar, but thought it would be useful to draw attention to this here.There is a free conference at the Royal Society in March 2013 entitled Characterising exoplanets: detection, formation, interiors, atmospheres and habitability. This meeting aims to set the agenda for the next decade in this rapidly expanding field of extra-solar planet science. Some 600 planets orbiting stars outside of our solar system have now been detected, with varying masses and orbital parameters. The challenge now is to move from detection to understanding these planets as bodies in their own right. Further details can be found here http://royalsociety.org/events/2013/exoplanets/


    Posted by TonyAngel at 13:46 on 2012 Nov 20

    Thank you Callum. Could we have a Forum Section for Exoplanets please?


    Posted by Robin Leadbeater at 13:04 on 2012 Nov 24

    Just booked my place 🙂 Will probably pass on the £24 lunches though It looks like an interesting 2 days. Anyone else going?CheersRobin


    Posted by TonyAngel at 13:23 on 2012 Nov 24

    I hope to confirm in a week. Coming from Spain means that I need to organise it to coincide with a few other things.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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