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    Posted by Paul A Brierley at 21:10 on 2013 Nov 29

    At approximately 21:01hrs tonight. I saw a bright fireball heading in the direction of Ursa Minor. It’s colour, green, and it was fragmenting. Magnitude would have been m-4 or brighter.The meteor lasted for know more than a couple of seconds. And was very spectacular.


    Posted by William Stewart at 21:37 on 2013 Nov 29

    Fireball was picked up by NEMETODE Ravensmoor NE Camera and commenced at 21:00:04.2 UTC – working on the analysis.


    Posted by William Stewart at 22:22 on 2013 Nov 29

    Single Station Analysis from NEMETODE Ravensmoor NE Shows this was a sporadic with a maximum magnitude of -2.8This result is provisional as the fireball exited the field of view while still very bright. It may have been detected by other stations and if so, triangulation / orbit determination should be possible. Will update as additional information comes in. William


    Posted by Paul A Brierley at 22:57 on 2013 Nov 29

    Thank you William.I thought it was brighter. Thank you for clearing that up.


    Posted by A R Pratt at 00:39 on 2013 Nov 30

    William alerted me to this forum posting and he forwarded his single station output from UFO Analyser.My Leeds South camera also captured the meteor, and a provisional dual-station analysis gives:-Sporadic meteorRadiant (corrected for zenith attraction) RA 56.0 = 3h 44m Dec 17.5Geocentric velocity 18.6 km/s (slow)Duration 4.2 sAbsolute magnitude -3.0Detection altitude 81.9km Extinction 47.6kmMoving from Gainsborough (Lincs) to LeedsOrbital data:a 2.6q 0.706e 0.730Peri 70.9Node 67.6Incl 1.2We can’t attach images here, so the plots of the ground track and orbit will be posted on the NEMETODE website. We will notify you when these are available.Clear skies, Alex.


    Posted by William Stewart at 08:39 on 2013 Nov 30

    Thanks to Paul for reporting the observation and to Alex for the analysis … images and videos are now up on the website.William


    Posted by Bill Ward at 20:08 on 2013 Nov 30

    Good work again guys, nice videos.Cheers,Bill.

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