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    stan armstrong

    I often browse the Events of IMO to read accounts sent in and seemingly never resolved on the Event site itself.

    Usually glance at Twitter for the UK Met postings and then have a look at my Non-Astro cameras..

    Had some trouble with h265 etc earlier in year and this event got forgotten thought i would ask for comment on this event here.

    None of the self defined IMO  experts listed any view of a start of the Huge Fireball anywhere near the path shown.

    I realise this is an averaged Path but thought such a strange result strange.

    It seemingly passed over Heathrow and it certainly shows up in this Frame thru my Southern view.

    I have browsed thru Press re[ports and it appears to have not generated any mention at all.

    Nick’s listings are always viewed with interest but no help with this one. Guess UK Met probably Cross Matched?

    Done some BAA Searches but cannot find simplistic result..

    At the start of a new close to London.. I thought.. Why not Ask?

    Be gentle my first posting.

    stan armstrong


    stan armstrong


    Bill Ward


    Is it Ernie or Stan…? ; – )

    Have you had a look at at he NEMETODE site? ( I know that there are efforts to get all the various groups to report in a common format but knowing people, everybody will stick with what they’re comfortable with, I do, it’s only a hobby after all!

    However, the NEMETODE guys have a ton of material and an excellent email group run by Alex. You might want to contact him and see if any of those guys caught it. You should be able to contact him through this site (if you haven’t already done so…!)



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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