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    Posted by Sheridan Williams at 15:48 on 2010 Dec 26

    Do BAA members think we should have a Forum section for members to sell their unwanted kit?


    Posted by TonyAngel at 09:23 on 2010 Dec 27

    Yes, provided that:It was not commercial.Wants could be advertised.Free items to be included.Placers of posts were duty bound to delete their own posts once transaction has been completed, in order to keep the area tidy.No responses to adds as this would make housekeeping more difficult. .


    Posted by David Arditti at 17:59 on 2010 Dec 27

    Yes, although there are several other sites that already offer this service, it would be nice to be able to offer items to BAA members first. When I want to sell or give away something I often offer it to members of my local society first before putting it on one of the national websites.As this forum is currently set up it seems to be impossible to delete posts, but they could be modified to show when an item has been sold/donated, or the vendor could insert a "reply".David


    Posted by David Mottershead at 19:24 on 2010 Dec 27

    Yes, a good idea. David and Tony have covered off what I would have said, so nothing else to add.


    Posted by TonyAngel at 10:23 on 2010 Dec 28

    It may also help to attract more members to the Forum.


    Posted by Callum Potter at 12:58 on 2010 Dec 30

    Certainly there is no technical problem with creating a Member’s for sale/wants category if people would find it useful.I’ll try to set something up in the next few days if I get the chance.Cheers, Callum

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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