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    Posted by Duncan Bryson at 12:36 on 2011 Apr 24

    I thought that there could be a section for useful and intresting facts.Does anyone want to comment?Clear skiesDuncan


    Posted by Duncan Bryson at 18:08 on 2011 May 17

    Hi CallumCould you add another category for useful facts?Duncan Bryson


    Posted by David Arditti at 02:12 on 2011 May 18

    I don’t quite see what purpose such a category would have. Surely the "interesting facts" would be better put in the astronomical sections to which they relate. What kind of facts do you have in mind?David


    Posted by Callum Potter at 16:00 on 2011 May 20

    Hello Duncan,I was waiting for a bit more support for the idea from other posters to the forum.As David mentioned, if you could explain a little more about the sort of thing that might be included, that could be a help.Regards, Callum


    Posted by Duncan Bryson at 17:27 on 2011 May 21

    Hello David & CallumWhat I was thinking of was useful astronomical facts (Maybe "To Wow and amaze your friends") with things like distances to the 10 nearest stars and the most up-to date information on exoplanets etc.Duncan


    Posted by Duncan Bryson at 17:07 on 2011 Jun 18

    Actually I don’t think it would be as good as I first thought. – What about a CfDS page (Campaign for Dark Skies) for them to tell you who they have got to point lights down etc.Duncan


    Posted by Duncan Bryson at 19:32 on 2011 Dec 27

    Do you think there should be a cfds page?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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