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    Posted by Duncan Bryson at 08:46 on 2010 Apr 06

    There Is No Venus, Uranus, Neptune Or Minor Planets (Pluto Included)Categorys For The ForumI Think That There Is One Or Two Things Around That Would Deserve Them A Forum FolderDuncan Bryson


    Posted by Len Entwisle at 09:52 on 2010 Apr 06

    Hi Duncan , Looking at the category list I would think that ‘Uranus,Neptune or Minor Planets’ would be met by the current Asteroid (and subtitle) category . Probably Venus would be ‘at home ‘ with the ‘suitably re-titled’ Mercury category title ? That would become ‘Venus and Mercury’. There is little post volume to need more than this , I would think. Just my thoughts!Best wishes , Len E


    Posted by Callum Potter at 09:36 on 2010 Apr 07

    Hi Duncan,Asteroids covers the minor and remote planets too, i think, and Pluto.Fair point about the other planets – not sure why i missed venus out…Saturn section covers uranus and neptune, but I will probably add forums for them.The intention was to make the forums topic rather than section based.Cheers, Callum


    Posted by Duncan Bryson at 12:11 on 2010 Apr 09

    HiThanks For Your FeedbackI Thought There Was A Slight Difference Between Asteroids And Minor Planets & The Fact That Uranus & Neptune Are Under The Saturn CategoryThanksDuncan

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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