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    Tony Rodda

    Hi Gents,

    I started by cutting Paul G’s LowSpec body in order to experiment with various designs.  It was clear that, whilst it’s a great little spectroscope, the main ‘usability’ issue is with the guide module.

    Further, that designs such a Christian Buil’s recent printed Czerny Turner was lacking a guide unit.

    Don’t laugh but…  I could bolt this to the front an ‘anything’.  The hole on the right panel is the reverse side of the slit/mirror mount.

    It places the mirrors and guide lens at the same place (and in the optical plane) as the LowSpec but allows collimation adjustment of both. It also allows for larger types of both (to a limit of 25mm diameter).  It uses the Alpy mirror/slit but it’s not a big job to ‘print’ others in.  Tests to follow.

    Also, just to shoot the breeze in terms of the fibre injection unit on another thread…  Could I now mount that ‘holed’ mirror with fibre in place of the mirror/slit?  Further, could I use the Shelyak fibre connector coupled with that mirror?

    Dr Andrew Smith

    Tony are you using a single doublet or a pair of doubles for the transfer of the slit image to the guide camera?

    What guide field of view are you aiming for?

    Looking forward to the results, especially st ability of the printed component.

    Regards Andrew 

    Tony Rodda

    Hi Andrew, Single doublet as per LowSpec to start with but the holder can be a max of 40mm long so a pair is doable.  I also have several mounted pairs that I need to try but that’s a bit down line.  

    The material is PETG (with carbon fibre for ‘production prints) which looks good in practice.

    The FoV will be LowSpec range initially, so quite limited.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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