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    Posted by Gordon MacLeod at 22:52 on 2011 Apr 26

    Can anyone advise me in relation to Registax please?I took probably my best video of Saturn tonight, and yet when I went to upload it to Registax for processing it said there was an access violation error 000000.I am so disheartened as it has taken several nights to get a decent image after equipment and motor failures last night, and lying on a stone floor tonight to get this image.Any help in relation to salvaging this video file would be greatly welcome.Many Thanks,Gordon MacLeod


    Posted by Roy Hughes at 09:15 on 2011 Apr 27

    A quick Google gave the following thread: may help.I’ve never hit this problem, but I’m only using a webcam so small files.How big is the file, what size image, what camera, does windows media player run it OK… etc? may help someone else solve your problem.


    Posted by Gordon MacLeod at 22:42 on 2011 Apr 27

    Thanks Roy.I had a rake through the internet and also tried downloading a programme called virtualdub and loading it onto that but it didn’t work either.It was a 30 second video (avi) using the Celestron software, with 10 frames per second, i.e 300 frames about 1GB in size. It is a frequent problem, some work, some don’t, but very frustrating nevertheless, particularly when you think you have got a good image!(Always seems to be the best ones that don’t work!)Not to worry, but I appreciate your response.Kind Regards,Gordon


    Posted by Roy Hughes at 15:19 on 2011 Apr 28

    Sorry about that. I’ve used VirtualDub for manipulating .AVI and .MPG files for years and it normally will read a working file OK. Don’t give up though there are some others that might work. You’ve probably got some DVD or CD authoring software that came with the PC, worth a try. I’ve a sneaky suspicion that there have been some changes in the .AVI spec. in recent years that may not have reached the now elderly VirtualDub or at least not without a plug-in.Roy


    Posted by Gordon MacLeod at 20:19 on 2011 Apr 28

    Thanks again Roy.Registax support are helping resolve it so hopefully I’ll get a solution.Thanks agaain and happy observing!Gordon

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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