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    Dr Paul Leyland

    Perhaps my memory is fading (actually, I know that it is) but I seem to remember that Hubble gave the name “Constellation I” to a star cluster or, perhaps, an OB association in the Andromeda galaxy

    If my memory is correct can anyone confirm, please, and give any alternative designations which will let me find it again? Web searches are completely swamped by references to the HST and to constellations in general.


    (Constellation III is in the LMC.)

    David C Rayment

    There are 4 stars near Hubble’s Star (V1), a Cepheid variable in M31. Is this Hubble’s constellation? Take a look at Jim Al Khalili’s The Beginning of the Universe on the BBC Channel 4, BBC iPlayer if you have not seen it. Take a look at 8 minutes in. The programme was shown tonight, so perhaps this prompted your posting.

    V1 at RA 0.41 22.77 DEC 41. 9″ 35.08 on ESA website. It would make sense if a group of stars near the variable was labelled Constellation 1 for identification purposes, but that doesn’t prove anything, of course. Perhaps Constellation 1 is somewhere else.

    Bill Barton

    Edwin Hubble found 140 nebulous objects in the vicinity of M31 that were provisionally identified as globular clusters, his paper on the subject was published in the Astrophysical Journal, vol. 76 (1932), p.44-69. It can be found in SAO ADS. I would post a link, but this forum truncates the web address making it unreachable.

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    Daryl Dobbs

    /Could it be this dwarf galaxy Andromeda 1?

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