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    Posted by M C Butcher at 16:32 on 2013 Jun 21

    I have a aspiration to image M16 and in particular the ‘Pillars of Creation’. My camera is an unmodified Canon 40D. I have achieved such an image by piggy backing the camera with a 200mm f/2.8 lens on my unguided Meade 8" LX-90. Using ISO settings of 800 and 1600 together with 30 second sub-exposures I have recorded the ‘pillars’ but the image was very small and you had to know where to look to see them!My next attempt will at Prime Focus on the telescope using an f/6.3 Focal Reducer. Has anyone out there achieved a useful result with such an equipment configuration? If so could they describe the settings that they employed?Martin Butcher


    Posted by M C Butcher at 11:11 on 2013 Aug 12

    The above inquiry was made in late June 2013. With the arrival of slightly darker nights, but whilst M16 was still above the horizon (only 16 degrees above to be fair), I was able on 7/8 August to achieve a passable result. The set up configuration was an unmodified Canon 40D mounted at Prime Focus with a Focal Reducer (f/6.3). The LX-90 was unguided and a total of 7 x 60 sec sub-exposures (ISO 1600) were usable and processed in Images Plus, Noise Ninja and finished off on Photoshop CS5. I was most surprised to achieve a recognisable result with so few sub-exposures taken with an unmodified camera. The results have been forwarded to the Deep Sky Section.Martin Butcher


    Posted by M C Butcher at 11:18 on 2013 Oct 04

    For those interested a copy of the image is included in the latest Deep Sky Section Newsletter.Martin Butcher

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