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    Posted by TonyAngel at 17:59 on 2010 Nov 25 show will be hosted by Professor Brian Cox and comic Dara O’Briain and viewers will be encouraged to take a closer look at the sky at night and Ross is going to be deeply involved in it.As a person who is disgusted with Ross’s antics – especially with the prank phone calls made with Russell Brand to actor Andrew Sachs I will certainly not be watching it. I expect it will be yet another dumbed down programme.


    Posted by Gary Poyner at 12:33 on 2010 Nov 26

    Couldn’t agree more!


    Posted by Paul A Brierley at 21:00 on 2010 Nov 27

    I well remember the last program of this sort, which if I can remember coincided with the close approach of Mars back 2003 (I think) That program was hosted by Adam Hart Davies, and the program was live from JBO here in East Cheshire, and it was a success.I don’t think I shall watch this one. The choice of Prof Brian Cox, is excellent but as for the other too????? It would have made more sense had I been in charge, to ask Dr Brian May and possibly Sky at Night’s Chris Lintott. To co-host the show.It is also a great shame this didn’t go out during the 2008 IYA.


    Posted by Callum Potter at 11:27 on 2010 Nov 29

    The live elements are being broadcast from Jodrell Bank too – with Brian Cox being the anchor.It will get a lot of media coverage, i’m sure, so should be used as an opportunity to spread the word to the general public. Many local societies are organising events to coincide (though at horribly short notice) so if it gets more people interested in astronomy and science it must be a good thing.Maybe BAA members will take their telescopes out onto the pavements or invite their neighbours round to see things ‘for real’. Would be nice to think so.Sadly, though, i will be in Florida (working) that week…Callum


    Posted by TonyAngel at 16:11 on 2010 Nov 30

    Sorry, but I could never recommend anyone to take part in something that Jonathan Ross was involved in. Obviously this is my own thoughts, but I cannot see why any astronomer would like see Astronomy and Ross associated with each other. I am quite broad minded but I find his humour sick. I am all for promoting astronomy but not this way.


    Posted by Tom Moran at 20:10 on 2010 Dec 01

    The notice is ridiculously tight. We at Newcastle Astronomical Society will put on an event. If it promotes the public’s interest in the night sky and maybe the issue of what we must contend with regarding light pollution then all well and good. Why do they persist in using the term stargazing? This surely undermines the important work many amateurs do.Hoping the sub freezing temperatures in Tyneside will subside.Tom Moran


    Posted by Gary Poyner at 12:04 on 2010 Dec 02

    It was the very short notice which prevented my club (Heart of England AS) from taking part. Chatting with the Midlands BBC co-ordinator on the phone yeterday, this has been the major stumbling block with groups in this area, and I guess other areas too.Any TV programme associated with that idiot Ross will always be doomed to mediocrity and self promotion. Good luck to everyone who gets involved.Gary


    Posted by Duncan Bryson at 21:06 on 2010 Dec 30

    I Believe That Jonathan Ross Won’t Be Taking Part As The Ad Says That It Is Prof. Brian Cox And Dara O’ Brian


    Posted by David Arditti at 00:22 on 2010 Dec 31

    No, Jonathan Ross is in it, in all 3 episodes. See society, West of London AS, is putting on two observing sessions for the event, despite the short notice, on Jan 8 and 9, at Rusilip Lido, if clear. Futher info: is a very bad time of year. We can but hope against all likelihood that it will be clear.


    Posted by Duncan Bryson at 15:20 on 2011 Jan 09

    Jonathan Ross Was Learning How To Use His Telescope Whereas Dara O’ Brian Is A Physicist and Was A Co-presenter


    Posted by at 14:08 on 2011 Jan 12

    I found it particularly false to see Mr Ross looking at Jupiter.He said that the view was fantastic! I suppose he was hoping that no one had noticed him nudging the telescope just as he put his eye to the eyepiece and put it out of line be several million miles.If someone who was showing an interest in Astronomy for the first time saw this, I doubt if their interest would have been maintained. In short, a great idea by the BBC and I hope it returns. But the format needs looking at. On a personal note, I coud do with the massive TV monitor used in the programme: perfect for examining my own astro photos!

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