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    Posted by David Arditti at 13:52 on 2010 Jul 11

    I took a chance on fairly unpromising seeing on the 10th, which alternated between a fuzzy blurriness and periods of some detail visible on-screen, but with little overall movement of the image. The results have turned out surprisingly good. Colours were captured at 34fps and IR at 17fps.Unfortunately this is not the side of Jupiter with the interesting action, where according to recent images, BA looks to be getting "unwound" by the GRS.


    Posted by Andrea Tasselli at 11:12 on 2010 Jul 12

    Nice images you have there David. There is one thing, however, I don’t quite understand: Oval BA doesn’t seems to be getting "unwound" or in other form diminished by the interaction with the GRS. In fact, looking at most recent images (the one of the 10th c.m.), it seems pretty much the same old self of the recent past years.Reg’sAndrea T.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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