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    David Totney

    I missed the opposition proper due to clouds. I did catch Jupiter in a period between Saturday night and Sunday morning (23:00~00:30 BST). The seeing was well above average for the time of year and the sky was full of stars. Although I could barely see the Milky Way because of the poor transparency. The jet stream just missed me at my location (Worcs/Staffs border) although it was covering a lot of Scotland. Unfortunately the humidity at this time of the year precluded getting more than about 128x maximum with my 127mm SkyMax. The sharpest image was at about 100x. At about 23:49 I could distinctly see the black disc of Europa’s transit shadow against the limb. Until it became visibly bright as the moon pulled away from Jupiter. The GRS was easily seen and I could perceive some detail in the NEB and SEB. Jupiter was incredibly bright and appeared huge at nearly fifty arc seconds diameter. I needed a polarising filter at one stage. I also used Baader Light Blue, Semi-Apo and Neodymium filters.

    Telescopes: One Newtonian, three Maksutov Cassegrains, seven refractors, and a large SCT.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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