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    Posted by Paul A Brierley at 20:43 on 2010 Feb 11

    I’ve been reading Fred Hoyle’s book "Frontiers of Astronomy" which I am finding heavy going in parts, but still very interesting, from a historical view point. The copy that I own was published in 1959.In the book there is mention of the star system Kruger 60, which I have heard Sir Patrick refer to in an archived Sky at Night program which I have.I was wondering whether anybody has observed this star or taken any CCD images of both components.I would also like to know if Kr60 has any other names, that might enable the owner of a (GOTO) equipped G11 to find.I’m interested in imaging, and or, observing K60 for myself through my 8" f4 "AG" Newtonian.Thank you in advance for any helpful information.


    Posted by Len Entwisle at 12:04 on 2010 Feb 12

    Hi Paul , You may find this webpage of interest . Kruger 60B component is a flare star DO Cephei . Might be worth a try with the Bradford Robotic Telescope Galaxy camera ? Let us alll know how you get on,Best wishes , Len E


    Posted by Paul A Brierley at 18:42 on 2010 Feb 12

    Thanks Len,I will give this ago with the BRT and it’s galaxy camera. But I think it will be a while, because I last heard they had problems with guiding, and focusing.


    Posted by Len Entwisle at 18:54 on 2010 Feb 12

    Hi Paul , Looks like a service trip is about to happen on the BRT between 13 th and 22nd February 2010 .Kruger 60 is relatively close for us to pick up the motion over a few years . There are some nice orbital diagrams out there to have a look at !Len E

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