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    Posted by Denis Buczynski at 01:52 on 2012 Oct 09

    Wonderful auroral display tonight from Portmahomack in the Sottish Highlands. We have seen nearly all aspects of the aurora tonight,arcs,bands,rays, curtains, glows, pulses, green patches as high as 50+ degrees reaching into the milky way. A magnificent natural spectacle. How lucky we are.Denis Buczynski An image is attached taken at 22:50UTps aAlso imaged 5 comets, 3 Supernovae, and one NEO tonight, and seen some Draconids!


    Posted by Denis Buczynski at 02:02 on 2012 Oct 09

    here is the image I intended to post with my message


    Posted by Paul A Brierley at 06:43 on 2012 Oct 09

    You have been busy Denis.I have just opened my e-mail folder, to find I had an alert from Aurora Watch UK.I wonder how wide spread this display was?


    Posted by Denis Buczynski at 11:50 on 2012 Oct 09

    Hi Paul,The displa y started around 22:00UT and was still active with rays at 04:00UT. I have seen some phenomena in this display which I have not seen before even though I have been lucky to see many. The heights which some of the arcs and rays reached must have meant that it could have been seen further south. I tried to laod an image from last night onto this forum but without sucess, I will try again with this.Denis


    Posted by Callum Potter at 12:00 on 2012 Oct 09

    Yes, the blogosphere has been very active with reports.The furthest south I have seen a picture of has been Yorkshire Dales, but it would potentially have been seen further south, i think, had there been a clear northern horizon.It was 10/10 cloud here in Tewkesbury :-(Callum


    Posted by Denis Buczynski at 12:48 on 2012 Oct 09

    I notice that there have been reports this morning on BCC News of the display so it must have been widely seen and photographed.I will try to post an image at the requested size and see if that works.Denis

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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