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    I managed to get out last night and get some very amateur images of the eclipse.

    The first is a composite image of the Moon during the build up to totality as the shadow of the Earth moved across its face, taken between 01:56 (BST) and 03:06:

    The second is during totality, at 03:29 (BST), though an arc of bright light still persists on the south eastern limb at this time, this was much fainter at maximum at about 03:50, though I don’t have a good imnage from this time:

    The final is a time lapse video I’ve uploaded to dropbox, which shows the onset of the eclipse, again as the Earth’s shadow moves over the face of the Moon:

    James Dawson

    Nottingham Astronomical Society


    Clearly the images didn’t attach, so I’ll try again>


    Nick James

    Really nice images James. It looks as if nearly everyone got a good view last night.

    John Bell

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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