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    Richard Bosman

    Moon observation from 24-3-2018
    Here we see the moon edge and in the middle (on the edge) you see Mare Humboldtianum.
    Right behind Mare Humboldtianum see crater Bel Kovich A and B (in perspective) and left of it crater Hayn and Hayn A with a rill, you see at crater Hayn just the central mountain.
    Right in the middle of the observation you see crater Endymion (125km) with small craters. To the left of this the crater de la Reu then crater Strabo.
    On the right in the picture you see the crater Mercurius (68 km) which lies on the edge of Lacus Temporis.

    Mare Humboldtianum 24-3-2018 Basler Ace 1920 C14

    Bill Leatherbarrow

    Superb image, Richard – one of the best I’ve seen of this area!

    David Swan

    An amazing image. Consider posting it in the Observing Community area.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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