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    Kevin West

    Airmass values are missing from the raw image files from my ASIair controller.
    I’m wondering if it’s related to error messages about missing parameters.
    ASTAP outputs “Error decoding site longitude or latitude!” when calibrating

    I have entered latitude and longitude to my ASIair imaging controller settings but it doesn’t seem to output airmass or even lat and long to FITS file.
    Is searched settings in ASIair and the correct lat and long is entered.
    Oddly AISair does not put the name of the target star in the FITS file either.
    It will be very tedious but can I do it.
    Any thoughts please

    PS Sorry to keep hogging the boards. I have finally uploaded calibrated observations thanks to your support.



    An issue similar to yours was raised in the ASTAP forum:


    It may be worth raising an issue on the ZWO forum to find out why lat/long aren’t saved when using ASIair (https://bbs.zwoastro.com/)

    I think it is possible to manually type in the name of the star when setting up the image capture with ASIair and the FIT files will then have it in the file name.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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