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    Posted by Peter Meadows at 18:28 on 2010 Dec 30

    The BAA Robotic Telescope Project (RTP) uses the Sierra Stars Observatory Network (SSON) as their remote telescopes (see SSON have announced that a new 32in telescope on Mt Lemmon will shortly be joining the two existing SSON telescopes. The press release on this new telescope is given below.Details on the BAA RTP can be found at, by contacting myself, the BAARTP coordinator at or by using this forum.—SSON Press Release: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 23 December 2010Mt. Lemmon Sky Center Partners with the Sierra Stars Observatory Network(Markleeville, CA December 23, 2010) The University of Arizona (U of AZ) and the Sierra Stars Observatory Network (SSON) announce an agreement to provide access to the 32-in telescope of the Mt. Lemmon Sky Center (MLSC) through the service of the Sierra Stars Observatory Network.MLSC recently completed installation of the Schulmann 32-in telescope at its facility atop Mt. Lemmon. This telescope is used for the SkyCenter’s nightly citizen observing program (SkyNights) and all-night programs (AstronomyNights) as well as being an integral part of several educational programs for University classes and special workshops for amateurs interested in learning more about astro-imaging. Anna Spitz, Program Manager of the MLSC, appreciates the potential of the partnership with SSON. "Magnificent instruments like the Schulman telescope should never be idle, and when our normal evening programs were over, we wanted to find a way to provide access to other users who have a need for the aperture, superior optics, first-rate camera, and steady skies that makes this such an important facility. Ms. Spitz goes on to say. Rather than try to develop the infrastructure to support this kind of access, we decided to partner with Sierra Stars Observatory Network. SSON has a unique offering, providing its users to an ever-expanding worldwide network of quality telescopes.The Sierra Stars Observatory Network (SSON) is a unique partnership among professional observatories that provides its users with affordable high-quality calibrated image data. The goal of SSON is to serve the needs of science-based projects and programs. Colleges, universities, institutions and individuals use SSON for their education and research projects. The mission of SSON is to promote and expand the use of its facilities among the thousands of colleges and schools worldwide that do not have access to professional-quality automated observatory systems to use for astronomy education and research.Ed Beshore, Faculty Advisor for the MLSC and Director of the Catalina Sky Survey, was instrumental in putting together the partnership with SSON. "We chose to be part of SSON’s network, because it represented a great opportunity for MLSC to be part of an offering that offers great added value through its support for educational and research users that could benefit from access to facilities in both hemispheres.Mr. Beshore goes on to say. "We also see the ability to bundle on-site experiences, on-line training, and remote access to a global network of telescopes as a unique educational opportunity" Adam Block, the director of our SkyNights and Astronomer Nights programs is a world-renowned astrophotographer. People wishing to learn from Adam have traveled thousands of miles to attend his workshops on Mt. Lemmon. We think that now, those unable to undertake such a long journey will still be able to benefit from Adam’s experience partly through this new ability to support observations from remote users. In addition, we are looking at ways to partner with local businesses and schools to provide a curriculum that offers an experience at the telescope coupled with supervised follow-on projects that rely on students conducting their own observing projects using the 32-in telescope."Rich Williams, founder and CEO of SSON, appreciates the quality and professionalism that the staff at the MLSC brings to SSON. Our partnership with the University of Arizona and the Mt. Lemmon Sky Center adds powerful instruments and key people to SSON. Their state of the art new 32-inch telescope will be the largest telescope so far in our growing global network. The professional staff also brings decades of experience working with remote automated observatory systems. Our users will be delighted to start using this power instrument for their education and research projects! For more information about SSON contact:Rich WilliamsSierra Stars Observatory Networkrichw@sierrastars.comwww.sierrastars.comTwitter: SSON_ChatSkype: sierrastars—


    Posted by Peter Meadows at 19:58 on 2011 Jan 07

    A further press release, this time from the University of Arizona can be found at

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