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    Dr Andrew Smith

    At about 14:30 this afternoon my wife and I went for a walk. The Sun was hidden by the freezing fog but as we progress abut 14:45 a pale Sun was appearing through the variable mist. Watching the fog scurry across the surface I noticed an unmoving black spot just below center and to the right. My wife confirmed she could see it too.

    Checking with the SDAC images there was indeed a large spot present.

    Regards Andrew

    Gary Poyner

    My wife and I observed this too – from Morrisons car park in Walsall. There was fog, and the blue sun strip on my windscreen helped too. It was very obvious. Time 11:30 UT Jan 21.

    Not the most exotic of locations to make an astronomical observation (no offence to my black country neighbours).


    Mr Kevin Smith

    Yesterday morning I was looking for the New Moon at perigee by Deal pier – the ‘invisible phase’ lived up to it’s name and I couldn’t see it at all but a large and distinctive sun spot was visible with the eclipse gasses I had with me. Shame about the New Moon though, it’s a long wait for the next one.

    Dr Paul Leyland

    Prompted by this thread, I just took a look at the sun on the first occasion it has been readily visible for a few days.

    The spot wasn’t visible to the eye at first, but was very obvious through 7x50B. Knowing a precise position, I was able to see the spot without the binoculars. My eyesight is not as keen as it used to be.

    Before anyone starts panicking, all views of the sun were through aluminized milar film.

    Lyn Smith

    Great that you were able to view giant sunspot AR3190 which is now nearing the southwest limb and will soon be lost to view.
    The Sun has been extremely active these last few weeks. Quite a treat for solar observers.
    I will upload an image taken by Philippe Tosi a few days ago. More recent solar images can be seen on the Solar Section web pages.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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