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    Posted by Callum Potter at 14:42 on 2010 Mar 19

    Following feedback from members, I have created a number of new forums.Hopefully these will encourage members to post more, as there should be an applicable forum for most topics.Please let me know if you think there are any topics not covered, or have other ideas for new forums.Thanks, Callum


    Posted by Gary Poyner at 16:15 on 2010 Mar 19

    Excellent idea Callum. I hope we get lots of Variable Startraffic!I quite like the ‘live chat room’ run by the AAVSO, withoccasional guests answering queries and general questions,as well as people dropping in with comments and suggestions.Have you any idea’s yourself along these lines? Cheers,Gary


    Posted by Callum Potter at 16:38 on 2010 Mar 19

    Hi Gary,I tried out a little gadget to do that sort of thing a while back, but it did not work too well.But certainly worth revisiting.How does the AAVSO one work – is it live all the time ? or scheduled periods ? Is there always a resident ‘guru’ on hand ?Cheers, Callum


    Posted by Gary Poyner at 17:47 on 2010 Mar 22

    Hi Callum,It’s usually open all the time, although Thursdays is the ‘official’day, where you will generally find Arne Henden around to chat with.Occasionally they have invited guests at pre-determined times to answerquestions about a certain subject they specialise in. Open to non memberstoo (I think!). You certainly don’t have to sign in to Blue/Gold to enter the chat room (Blue/Gold is your membership status).Cheers,Gary

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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