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    Posted by Les Hewitt at 15:56 on 2011 Jun 25

    My name is Les and I live in the Bromley area.My interest in astronomy began 20 years ago and has been steadily developing ever since. More recently, I’ve begun to develop an interest in astro-imaging and am hoping to be able to get the chance to put that into practice.I would love to hear from other BAA members, especially those local to me, for astro-chat etc. Looking forward to a long membership and plenty of clear evenings.Les


    Posted by Paul A Brierley at 11:41 on 2011 Jun 26

    As know body has been in touch. Let me be the first to say hello, and welcome to the BAA, and this forum.My interest’s in all thing’s heavenly started, I think, during the Apollo era, and grew from there. I am also very interested in Astro-imaging. But I am also still a visual observer at heart.I am sure you will enjoy you’re membership, of one of England’s premier societies.


    Posted by Nick James at 07:32 on 2011 Jun 27

    Hi Les,Welcome to the BAA. I’m sure you will get a lot out of your membership. Let us know if you need any advice or help with your astro-imaging.I’ll put in a plug for the Crayford Manor House AS. They’re not too far from you and they have many knowledgable members who will be able to help with any questions that you have. They are a pretty friendly bunch too although you should watch out for the Beer Domesday Book which comes out most Thursdays…Nick.


    Posted by Gary Poyner at 11:03 on 2011 Jun 27

    Welcome to the BAA Les,Although I live +100 miles away in Brum, I would recommend Crayford MAS too. I’ve known that bunch for years, and as Nick says friendly and very knowledgable. They get to a number of meetings too, which is always a good sign of an active club.Wherever you end up, have fun :-)Gary


    Posted by David Arditti at 14:50 on 2011 Jun 29

    Nice to hear from you Les. I hope you get a lot out of your BAA membership. I live in NW London and do a lot of imaging from there (some results on If you come to a meeting I would be delighted to meet you and discuss imaging, or you can contact me on,David


    Posted by Richard Miles at 19:59 on 2011 Jul 11

    Welcome indeed. Do you have any specific interests you wish to follow up on? Also, are you considering attending any of the BAA’s meetings in the near future? There’ll be lots of folk around who would no doubt be pleased to assist and encourage you. The Winchester Weekend, which is now held in Sparsholt College, is a particularly good venue to learn what’s going on in amateur astronomy these days as it takes place from Friday-Sunday before Easter each year and people have lots of opportunities to chat and recharge their batteries so to speak.Richard MilesDirector, Asteroids and Remote Planets Section


    Posted by Les Hewitt at 15:21 on 2011 Jul 12

    I’m more into deep sky at the moment, but not to the point of excluding anything else that is worth observing. In short, I’ll do anything lol.Someone told me that the next meeting is in November (I think) and I should be there. The Winchester Weekend sounds interesting. I’d be willing to go but would need to know more about it.What I’d most like though would be to take my monster Meade away from city/town lights and get some serious observing done. Only problem is I dont have transport. Help with that will be most gratefully appreciated.Les

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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