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    stan armstrong

    Nick Hewitt did mention NLCs in his Sky Notes for both April/May and June/July.. so
    i guessed that I would see some shots on the Forum..but cannot remember seeing any..
    But as ‘An older reader’ that could well be my Attention Deficit?..
    Then assumed perhaps they were all going to Sandra-b of the Solar Section as had been requested..
    Then read the ‘Forum Usage’ chat and decided my procrastination was part of that deficit.
    SO.. Despite living in the Loudwater Valley.. which is that first steephill down..
    after leaving London.. towards Jn3 on the M40.. It is possible to see well these Rarest Clouds on Earth.
    These were well on display on the morning of 6jun .. Hence this Shot at 0315BST.
    I thought it interesting that the Base at centre of Support Arcs was almost due North..
    HW North shows on LHS and Shot is centred at around 345degrees.
    Would love to see others views as I see METRO is quoting Denmark for it’s Sources..

    Robin Leadbeater

    Hi Stan,

    There are quite a few images already this year in the members’ gallery

    There is also dedicated section on the forum covering discussions on atmospheric phenomena, though it is pretty quiet


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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