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    Jeremy Shears

    We have another northern hemisphere nova to observe!

    Patrick Schmeer reports on the BAA VSS Alert email list:

    Discovered by Palomar Gattini-IR collaboration (PGIR) Coordinates (J2000.0): R.A. 19 14 26.27 Decl. +14 44 40.1

    Mag J = 13.3, r 15.2

    Transient Name Server

    Astronomer’s Telegram

    Further spectroscopy and multiband photometry are encouraged.

    Jeremy Shears

    A chart and sequence are now available at the AAVSO website.

    Stewart John Bean

    I was not able to resolve the nova from its adjacent star in images taken overnight with the T18 scope in defocus mode for photometry. Not sure how to proceed. Stewart

    Lars Lindhard

    Has anybody seen this nova or taken a picture?

    It must be very faint?

    Gary Poyner

    I measured it this morning from an image taken by COAST last night at 17.48V.  I had it peaking on Sep 04 at 15.4V.

    There are a quite a few bright observations in the AAVSO DB – visual 13.0-14.0 and CV 14.0-15.5.  I’m sure the visual observations are mis-identification.  I certainly can’t see it visually in my 51cm. 

    I wrote a news article on the Nova in the September VSS Circular, which included a V-band image.   You can read it here.


    Lars Lindhard

    Thank you.  I found a picture of it on the web. It is out of reach from here.

    Nick James

    Here’s an image tonight in pretty good seeing (FWHM = 2.4 arcsec). It is in a very crowded field and, as Gary says, now it has faded it is difficult to separate from the star just to the west.

    Lars Lindhard

    Fine image.

    My suburban skies would never allow me to see mag 16 or 17, I’m afraid.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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