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    Gary Poyner

    I’ve just posted this to BAAVSS alert, and thought it might interest the spectroscopic community here who don’t get to see our VS alerts.


    The suspected RCB star NSV 11988 is fading slowly…
    Jun 04.032     11.4
    Jun 14.004     11.5
    Jun 17.977     12.3
    Jun 26.042     12.4
    Jly 04.947     12.9
    For further details on this star see here…
    The author (E. V. Kazarovets) mentions that a spectrum has yet to be published, and that the type RCB is determined from photometry only.  Might I suggest that this looks like a promising target for both photometrists (visual and CCD) and spectroscopists to help determine the class of this object.  It’s well placed at the moment (Cyg/Dra) and is pretty bright.
    The AAVSO do have a chart with a sequence.

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