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    Posted by Rich Smith at 22:09 on 2010 Sep 15

    Can anyone recommend a good way to set out an observing logbook. Ive been trying different ways but still cant come up with a system that is easy to use and that doesnt make me want to put off writing it!


    Posted by Julian Parks at 17:18 on 2010 Sep 16

    Here is a link for a company that sells various types of logbooks at http://www.astrologs.com/ and for observation forms at http://www.saguaroastro.org/content/downloads.htm The Sky-at-Night magazine comes with a CD that has observation forms and sometimes logbook formats. There are also logging and planner software like Deep-Sky Planner at http://knightware.biz/dsp/index.php and AstroPlanner at http://www.ilangainc.com/astroplanner/. The software maybe more than you want though, but they are good and easy to use.


    Posted by Rich Smith at 11:22 on 2010 Sep 17

    Thanks Julian, i have looked at those things that youve mentioned already, still not quite what i wanted… maybe i should create my own version?


    Posted by Julian Parks at 16:25 on 2010 Sep 28

    Creating your own version sounds like the thing to do. Remember it is your own personal Observing Logbook. May I suggest put in there items that mean something to you, but also to others who may read it. The items should be reliable, accurate, relevant, and to the point for your location and the type of observing you plan to do. Good luck and Clear skies.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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