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    Posted by Paul A Brierley at 19:06 on 2010 Jun 04

    Can I please point anybody who might be interested to my Blog http://paulsdeepskywonderings.blogspot.com/I have posted a short observing report from last night, and Wednesday nights observing at Fernilee in Derbyshire.My first impressions of the OD250S F4.8 deluxe, are very good. The optics are excellent if the views of Saturn are anything to go by. And when you do a star test the stars are text book with know obvious mirror problems.There is slight coma visible through my 24mm (68 deg) Pany, which isn’t all that surprising. The mounting is well made, however, it could run smoother, or maybe that’s me being too picky.It does surprise me; how easy it is to move the telescope around the sky. I’ve had more fun looking at objects, than I ever have had, with my G11 and imaging combination. I can also actually find deep sky objects with out to much fuss!Collimation is also first class. I expected this process would prove difficult, know it isn’t. And the mirror cell holds collimation pretty well. All it takes are a couple of tweaks at x100, on a bright star, and I’m ready for the night.You can also adjust the OTA in it’s cradle, which is very good. I can stay seated, and still look through an eyepiece. This will come in handy when sketching.I am very happy with my purchase, and I am now finely starting to enjoying my hobby again.


    Posted by Duncan Bryson at 11:28 on 2010 Jun 23

    Very Good BlogQuite Informative

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