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    Posted by Tom Moran at 16:26 on 2011 Sep 28

    What looked like a very bright outbreak (flare?) observed at 12.21 UT September 28 2011 in active region 1302. I have attached a GIF animation to illustrate. The region was imaged at 11.17 and I have included this at the start of the animation as comparison, ie it did’nt suddenly flare up from nothing, I think I must have caught it near its downward cycle. The flare timescale is 12.31 to 12.50.Tom Moran


    Posted by Tom Moran at 16:43 on 2011 Sep 28

    HiThe GIf does’nt want to upload. You find the animation here (hopefully) http://www.tommoran1.webspace.virginmedia.com/page8.htmlTom Moran


    Posted by Marlyn Smith at 19:49 on 2011 Oct 07

    Hi Tom,I’ve had a look at your clip, well done! You’ve labelled it AR1303 on the site though. GOES satellite data show 2 flares from AR1302 on the 28th September 2011C9.3 flare start 1226 UT peak 1232 end 1238M1.2 flare start 1324 UT peak 1328 end 1330


    Posted by Tom Moran at 20:02 on 2011 Oct 08

    LynSorry about that, probably got carried away with excitement not having witnessed a flare. I will change my site info.Regards.Tom

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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