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    Michael O’Connell


    Attached is a PDF of slides I’ve put together with my analysis of radio data from monitoring Graves during the month of 2018 August. Equipment consists of a simple 3 element Yagi antenna, Funcube Dongle and Spectrum Lab software.

    Slide 1: Colourgram of radio detections for the month of 2018 August

    Slide 2: Radio detections during the Perseids peak

    Slide 3: Defections during a quite period of the month to determine the level of sporadics / background noise.

    Slide 4: Daily mean of the above. Note the diurnal variation.

    Slide 5: Sporadics / background noise subtracted from the total number of detections to determine the average number of Perseids detected.

    Slides 6 – 10: Screencaptures from Spectrum Lab. Notes on slides. 



    Neil Morrison

    A fantastic set of results  so much information .  I will  study  it all  at length .  The late Neil Bone would  have been  amazed to see what  can be achieved  with the way  data  can be displayed  by modern computer systems.  A wonderfull  data set . Congratulations 

    Michael O’Connell

    Thanks Neil.

    Alex Pratt

    Hi Michael,

    I enjoyed reading your radio data report. I often wonder why there aren’t large numbers of amateur radio astronomers in these misty isles! We got some good video meteor data this August, although many of us had cloudy skies during the Perseid maximum, so let’s see if we can marry up the video data with the radio counts.

    I hope your work is on display at Dunsink on Saturday.

    See you there,


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