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    Posted by Nick Atkinson at 19:56 on 2013 Sep 24

    I have had some experience in soldering my own circuits but my hands are not as steady and the components are now much smaller. This leads me into my problem of trying to replace a faulty USB2 into the camera printed circuit board. Do you know of any competent electronic engineers who could undertake this work. I already have the USB2 part.Many thanks,Nick


    Posted by Nick Atkinson at 20:01 on 2013 Oct 04

    I had been tempted to solder the new USB into the printed circuit. Luckily I did not attempt this but persevered and found Short Wave based in Christchurch. I had already bought a new USB from Maplin Electronics and handed this over to him. He took a look and said that it was repairable but with modern boards soldering irons are likely to lift the connections. I now have a fully functioning CCD camera within 24 hours. This was not an easy task as the board was double sided but using a hot air iron he was able to extract the damaged terminal and replace it.Short Wave are a company I would happily endorse. They are also specialists in Video Cameras.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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