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    Graham Roberts

    I’m interested in getting some quality prints of some of my better images to put on the wall and for family presents; I already produce an annual astro-calendar for the family using Photobox which is very popular! I’m thinking perhaps A1 or A2 size, either framed, poster or edge to edge?

    Can anybody help with any relevant guidance:
    – Recommend printers who from personal experience print quality astro images; I’ve seen White Wall mentioned elsewhere?
    – What sort of file format would be best – for online I change the format to PNG and reduce the file size but maybe for a quality print a large TIFF file would be better?
    – Format: apart from size, what sort of finish gloss v matt and / or material e.g. I’ve seen aluminum used?
    – How do you control or at least ensure that the colour reproduction is maintained. I alreadt calibrate my computer screen?
    – Any other tips?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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