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    Posted by John ONeill at 21:13 on 2013 May 16

    Hi,I am a problem with Occult occultation software. Many (but not all) of the edit boxes seem to be covered with their adjacent lables and other buttons are hidden or covering other objects. For example in the Site Editor the label "Telescope Aperture (cm)" covers its adjacent edit box, making it impossible to use.I am using Windows 7. Maybe I am missing some screen setting?Any ideas would be appreciated, as over the years I found it a great program.John


    Posted by A R Pratt at 22:02 on 2013 May 16

    Hi John,Try adjusting your screen resolution via the Control Panel.Occult requires a high resolution setting such as 1366 x 768, otherwise fields do overlap.Best regards, Alex.


    Posted by Tim Haymes at 00:21 on 2013 May 18

    Hi John,Im using 1024×768. Yes, it is a great program. I use it for the Lunar Occ predictions printed in the Lunar Section Circular (Download area) There is an enthusastic occultation observing interest group within the BAA. (Members of Asteroids and Remote Planets, and Lunar Sections). We observe both lunar and asteroid occultation phenomena. There is also a Yahoo group which I set up a year ago to bring observers together. My contact email is on the Lunar Section Web page should you wish to contribute observations/timings in this exciting area.Best wishes and clear skies, Tim Haymes


    Posted by John ONeill at 20:37 on 2013 May 21

    Hi Alex and Tim,Thank you for your replies. I finally figured out it was that the DPI setting on my PC was set at 125% (I like larger print on my 1920×1080 monitor) which caused the problem. Occult works ok when the DPI setting is at 100%.My main observational interests are Variable Stars and Comets. I have also done a few asteroid occultations, with at least one positive. If memory serves me I sent the report to TA. I have seen a few lunar occultations. I am now tempted to be more systematic with lunar occultations!regardsJohn


    Posted by Tim Haymes at 22:25 on 2013 May 21

    Hi John,Pleased your screen display works now. I would like to tempt you further with Asteroid Occultations.UK observers have made a significant number of observations over the years (1997-2013). Ive looking through the results pages where the data is logged. If you made your observation in this time period, it does not appear to have reached its correct destination.If you have the observation for your positive asteroid event, I could arrange to have it submitted? Thanks in advance.Regards, Tim


    Posted by A R Pratt at 17:51 on 2013 May 22

    Hi John,’The Astronomer’ (TA) is a popular magazine for observers to publish and share their latest observations and images, but as TA will confirm, formal reports of variable stars, comets and occultations, etc should also be submitted to the Observing Sections of the BAA or other coordinating body.Tim can help you with your occultation work.Clear skies, Alex.

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