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    PH McHugh

    I came acrosss a reference to the 1964 Yearbook of Astronomy on Amazon and decided to purchase it out of curosity, as I have access to an original hardback copy.  

    It has arrived and the Reprint is larger than the original at 228mmx56mm as against 206mmx39mm.  It does not have the original dustjacket as shown below, but rather that shown on the Amazon page above.  The Reprint is published by Isha Books, New Delhi.

    I have to say that the quality of the reproduction is very good, with only one flaw.  Page vi, the second page of the Contents, is misssing.

    I am sure that some of our learned colleagues will be able to let us know as to the copywrite status of such a reprint.  That notwithstanding it may be a way for some to make good gaps in their Yearbook of Astronomy collection.

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