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    Jeremy Shears

    Prof Boris Gaensicke (U of Warwick) has requested V-band observations of this star. He says:


    Dear All,

    TYC 3229-2555-1 is a close binary with a (radial velocity) orbital period of 0.843d, containing a bright ~A/F-type star with a whopping ultraviolet excess. It could be a detached system with a very hot, young white dwarf, but we think it is more likely that the system is already semi-detached, mass-transferring, and the ultraviolet comes from an accretion disc.

    So the system may be similar to V1129 Cen. If that’s correct, the F-star should show some reasonable ellipsoidal modulation, and that would allow us to measure the stellar parameters… …and that’s where we would need your help: could you put together a mini-campaign to get V-band photometry of this star that would cover the full 0.84 orbital period, ideally a few times?

    It is bright V~8.9 – so bright that it is saturated in ASAS-SN!




Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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