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    Posted by A R Pratt at 19:19 on 2011 Jul 15

    Hi,To avoid having to cart all my gear into the garden every clear night I’m preparing an area for a ‘garden shed’ observatory.Several attempts to contact Alexanders Observatories have been unsuccessful, as reflected in this thread, kindly forwarded to me by Len Entwisle… anyone recommend other suppliers of roll-off roof observatories?Many thanks, Alex.


    Posted by David Mottershead at 20:27 on 2011 Jul 15

    Hello AlexYou could try this company: haven’t used them myself, so I don’t know what the quality, service etc is like. I simply came across their website while recently researching roll off roof observatories myself.


    Posted by A R Pratt at 11:09 on 2011 Jul 16

    Hi David,Thank you for the link. I also came across it a few weeks ago and their buildings look interesting. They don’t have the sliding side panel and end flap of Alexanders Observatories, but otherwise they suit my requirements, e.g. they take bespoke orders.I know people who have Alexanders sheds. It would be good to have a review of a Taylors observatory shed.Best wishes, Alex.


    Posted by A R Pratt at 13:30 on 2012 Jun 24

    To complete this thread I should mention that my observatory was delivered last Wednesday.Nick (Alexanders Observatories) arrived at 8:15 am and the 8′ x 8′ unit was fully installed by 3:15 pm.A lot of the components were pre-assembled, but it took a full 7 hours to complete the installation, with Nick taking endless cups of tea as he worked almost non-stop. He works on his own, so it was useful that I could help him with unloading his van and the installation tasks.He only does installations on dry days, firstly to keep your obs from getting wet before it’s fully assembled, and secondly to keep his numerous tools in good condition, such as saws, power drill, stapler gun, etc..He has had problems with his e-mail, so the best ways to contact him are by letter and mobile ‘phone. I placed my order last November, so installation last week was a realisitic time-scale, considering the current ‘drought’ conditions. Alex.


    Posted by Paul A Brierley at 11:57 on 2012 Jun 25

    Although this isn’t strictly a roll off roof observatory.But the SkyPod appears to be a very attractive design at the moment.


    Posted by D A Dunn at 17:32 on 2012 Jun 28

    I am living in France and have come to think that I will need to build one from scratch. I have just retired so hopefully I will now have time to get on with it! I will let you know how it goes.David


    Posted by Grant Privett at 22:49 on 2012 Jul 05

    SkyPod certainly is attractive until you see the 1:1 $:£ conversion…A great shame or I would have one myself.

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