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    Eric Watkins

    I have just about completed the construction of a roll off roof observatory, what’s left can wait until the spring to finish.

    However, the observatory is ok to use, but I need some method of securing the roof, when closed and not in use, other than  a hook and eye.  The gap between the lower track beam and the upper wheel supporting beam is about 5″.  I basically need some sort of toggle that can be pulled down over a catch and tightened up.

    Can anybody advise me what to use and were to source it.

    Many thanks,


    William Bristow


    Have a look at GoodHand UK adjustable quick-release toggle clamps, there should be a size and design variant to suit your purpose.

    I have used their stainless steel adjustable toggle clamps to lock down the storm hatches on a yacht, which are a very similar design to a rolling roof.

    For an observatory roof the nickel plated steel versions would suffice though they will take on a surface coating of rust eventually, for long term corrosion resistance the more expensive stainless steel versions are best.

    If you search on Amazon or eBay you will find several UK based suppliers of similar toggle clamps.


    Eric Watkins


    thank you for the suggestion and the link.  I had found similar products on eBay.  The problem is there is a 5″ open gap to span(excluding the fixing points. and the catches I’ve seen have a span of 4″ and including the fixing points.  I have looked at some USA forums and it would seem the hasp and staple   are strong and lengths are such that the gap can be coverd and secured by a padlock or a simple clasp.  I shall probably go this way unless something more suitable pops up.


    Dr Paul Leyland

    This might be a completely off-the-wall suggestion but I observe that C-c{l,r}amps are available with a grasp of at least six inches, or 150mm.  Almost the first link I found is

    Not entirely convenient perhaps, but very likely functional.

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