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    Paul G. Abel

    Hi all, 

    Well I know the world seems to have gone rather mad on us, but I thought I’d try and post something a little more positive- since I’m now going to be at home a lot more for the next few months, I’ve started to read ‘The Moon’ which you can find in the ‘Lunar Section’ in the ‘downloads’ part of the BAA website.

    I have to say they’re absolutely fascinating! Not only are they all in their original typewritten form, but if you read in between the lines you can find Some interesting insights into the characters in the Lunar Section at the time.

    Once I’ve done with them, I’m going on to read all of the journals which are available- you see? Plenty to do!

    Hope you’re all keeping well,


    Nick James

    It is definitely worth a trawl around the Section pages. There is loads of interesting stuff to read on this site. The old Lunar Section publications are definitely worth a read, particularly if you knew or know of some of the characters therein. Can I also put in a plug for the old Comet Section circulars to from 1973 onwards. They are here.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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